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Welcome to Jim Kilgore

First a welcome to our clients logging into this site, as this is the first post in our client only blog. In addition to news about us and our office, we will be passing on specific information regarding investments, portfolios and the overall market intended for client consumption only.

I’d like to introduce and welcome Jim Kilgore to the team as an Investment Advisor Representative for 401 Advisor. Jim served on active duty in the United States Air Force for 20 years and retired in 2014. His passion for investing has led him into the financial services industry. In a short span Jim has accumulated an array of skills in the financial services industry. He has spent time with an investment advisor that was also involved in the property and casualty insurance industry and will use this experience in working with Greg Fay, owner of Greg Fay Insurance who works here in our building on Franklin St. He will also complete his tax preparation certification that will enable him to do client tax returns and provide tax advice while working through Popoff Tax Services, also located here at our location.

With Jim’s addition and skills we will be able to offer clients a values based financial/wealth planning service above what we have offered in the past. A special interest for Jim is a focus on families with a special needs family member. In Jim’s experience special needs financial planning is unlike the traditional "Money Magazine" style financial planning where you buy a home, raise your children, plan four years of college education and retire. Special Needs Financial Planning is preparing for two generations. Once the planning is in place, 401 Advisor’s fiduciary commitment fits perfectly with the responsibility to properly manage financial assets in meeting both the parent’s goals and providing for the lifelong needs of their child with special needs.

If you are interested in a comprehensive financial evaluation, give either Jim or myself a call and we can discuss how we may be able to serve you best.


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